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Your Place for Checkups & Cleanings for Adults

Woman receiving digital dental x-raysWhen you come to our office for the first time, we will perform a routine dental cleaning and a comprehensive oral exam. Our exams are a little more thorough than most other offices, in that in addition to looking at your teeth and gums, we’ll also examine your jaw, head, and neck. Dr. Chris Harvan, Dr. Christina Linn and our team are dedicated to providing the highest-quality dental care possible, and our unique approach to your oral exam will help us spot issues many others will miss (such as TMJ problems).

Of course, before the exam, one of our hygienists will perform a very thorough dental cleaning. This will break up the plaque and bacteria that has built up on your teeth, and they are particularly useful for cleaning the areas of your mouth you simply can’t reach with your brush and floss.  

Getting regular exams and cleanings each year is very important to achieving and maintaining a healthy set of teeth over the course of your lifetime. Most often, our doctors will be able to spot the signs of tooth decay and gum disease much sooner than you can because of their training, and this will enable them to treat you quickly using the most conservative means possible. Just by routinely seeing your dentist, you’ll have a beautiful set of teeth and save yourself from ever developing troublesome dental issues.

When was the last time you had a checkup and cleaning? If it’s been more than 6 months, be sure to contact our office today to see your Aurora dentist. We’re also happy to serve smiles from Centennial and Parker, CO as well!