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Partial & Full Dentures

Older woman with beautiful smileFollowing advanced tooth loss, we will likely recommend a partial or full denture to replace numerous teeth or a full arch. Both partials and complete dentures are crafted using a gum-colored base material to support all of the replacement teeth that are then anchored to surrounding teeth, through suction with the gum line, or using dental implant posts. Whatever your tooth replacement needs, the Southland Smiles team has a variety of restoration options to ensure the renewal of optimal dental function. Contact us to find out more or schedule a denture consultation.

How are Dentures Made?

Hands holding full denturePartials are used to fill in the gaps in smiles, and they’re crafted to fit snuggly between remaining healthy teeth. Full dentures replace the entire row of teeth, and they are molded to create natural suction between the tooth replacement prosthetic and the patient’s gum line. Both forms of denture use a gum-colored material to create a base that stabilizes the numerous replacement teeth. Partials are then attached to surrounding healthy teeth using metal clasps, and full dentures are crafted to fit closely against the gums creating stabilizing suction. It’s essential that these tooth replacement prosthetics be examined twice a year by the dentist to ensure continued comfort and safety.

How Long do Dentures Last?

Dentures floating in glass of waterWith proper care, dentures can last between five and ten years. At first, we may be able to simply adjust the existing prosthetic, but after ten years, most patients will need to completely replace their denture. Patients who wear ill fitting, bent, or old dentures often experience extreme discomfort, damage to any remaining healthy tooth structures, and bruising and oral sores at the gum line.

Should I Consider Implant Retained Dentures?

Model of implant supported dentureAny patient missing one or more teeth should consider implant supported replacement. Rather than restoring just those parts of the smile visible above the gum line, dental implants replace teeth from the roots up. This creates a more natural feeling and functioning restoration, and dentures supported by implant posts offer improved ability to chew even the hardest foods. Schedule a dental implant consultation with our team to find out more. In addition to the improved stability, dental implants are also longer lasting than traditional dentures.