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Preventive Dentistry

Achieve a Beautiful Smile in Aurora, CO

One of the keys to quality dentistry is a strong emphasis on prevention. Rather than fixing a dental problem, we’d rather help you just avoid it altogether! That’s why Dr. Chris Harvan and our team recommend that every member of your family should come in for a regular checkup every 6 months. With just two easy visits each year, we can keep your smile healthy and treat small dental issues before they end up causing you major headaches. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen the dentist, be sure to contact our office today for an appointment! In addition to Aurora, we’re happy to serve patients from Centennial and Parker, CO as well.

Checkups & Cleanings

Woman receives digital x-raysCheckups and cleanings are how we keep your smile healthy and beautiful year in and year out, and honestly, you can get one at just about every dental office. However, at Southland Smiles, we do our standard checkups a little differently. We’re much more comprehensive, and this will help you have better long term results and oral health. It takes a little more time, but it will save you hours of potential treatments in the future.

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Gum Disease Treatment

Woman and dentist look at her smile in a mirrorGum disease is actually THE most common disease in the entire world. In the US alone, nearly 50% of the adult population currently has a form of it, and many are completely unaware! This is because, like tooth decay, gum disease is very easy to miss during its early stages, with symptoms including red, puffy, or tender gums that bleed often. Eventually, it can develop into a serious health issue, and it is actually one of the leading causes of tooth loss!

We will always keep an eye on your gum health whenever you come to see us. If we think you have developed gum disease, we’ll initially try to treat it with a dental cleaning and give you tips on what to do at home. If the infection is slightly more serious, we may need to perform a pair of procedures called scaling and root planing, which will clear away plaque and bacteria from your gums and help prevent an infection from developing in the future.

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Dental Sealants

Closeup of flawless smileThis treatment is ideal for children who are still learning to take care of their teeth and adults who are prone to developing tooth decay and cavities. It works by applying a thin, clear layer of a composite resin to the teeth to prevent plaque and bacteria from damaging the enamel. Most often, this only needs to be done to the back teeth (molars and premolars). With proper brushing and flossing, dental sealants can easily last for years.

TMJ/Bruxism Therapy

Woman in pain holding jawYour temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the set of small hinges that connects your jaw to your skull, and it enables your jaw to move smoothly whenever you are talking or eating. This joint can become damaged or misaligned for a number of reasons, and this can lead to a condition called bruxism. Those with bruxism tend to clench there jaw and grind their teeth unconsciously, mostly while they are asleep. This can severely damage the teeth, but thankfully, you can get treatment for it right here at Southland Smiles. Our team can provide you with a custom-made mouthguard that you will only need to wear to bed, and it will both protect your teeth from grinding and help place your jaw into a more comfortable position.

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Mouthguards / Sportsguards

Young boy in football pads with mouthguardIf you participate in sports, no matter which ones, you should always wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth from potential impacts. We can actually provide you with a custom-made mouthguard right here at Southland Smiles. It will fit much better than anything you can buy in the store, and it will also do a much better job of protecting your teeth and gums. We can make them for patients of all ages!

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Emergency Dentistry

Woman in dental chair holding cheekIf you or a loved one suddenly experiences a dental emergency (such as a knocked out tooth or a severe toothache), your first call should always be to Southland Smiles. We’ll make an appointment to see you as soon as possible (including the same day!), and our team will walk you through basic first-aid. Our office has the training and the equipment you simply won’t find at most hospitals, so when your smile needs help immediately, be sure to contact us first.

You should call us for the following situations:

  • Knocked out tooth
  • Dislodged tooth
  • Chipped or fractured tooth
  • Severe toothache
  • Large object caught between the teeth
  • Injury to the gums or jaw

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Digital X-Rays

Panoramic dental x-ray on computer monitor

In order to diagnose oral health concerns in the earliest stages, we need to be able to clearly view those parts of the tooth not immediately visible on the surfaces of teeth. High definition digital x-rays offer us a crystal clear images of the interior portions of teeth and those parts of the tooth not visible above the gum line.

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Occlusal Disease

Man grimacing holding cheek

When teeth don’t fit together properly, an uneven amount of wear is placed on teeth. Those teeth that absorb greater pressure can be excessively worn or damaged without treatment. This improperly aligned bite, called malocclusion, may be caused by occlusal disease. Our team offers treatments to reposition the bite in ideal alignment.

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