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Root Canal Therapy

Older man in pain holding cheekThe goal of restorative dentistry is to repair damage and prevent the unnecessary loss of teeth. Root canal therapy is one way we’re able to save severely damaged or decayed teeth. These treatments are used to restore teeth when damage reaches the innermost layer of the tooth, the pulp. Within the pulp, the entire nerve system of the tooth is housed. When this nerve is accessed following damage, patients typically experience toothache and dental sensitivity. Rather than simply extracting these teeth, we can perform root canals to remove the damaged tissue and restore the lost tooth structure. Contact our team right away if you experience any of the common warning signs of a need for root canal therapy including:

  • Severe toothache
  • Dental sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Pain when biting
  • Discoloration of a single tooth
  • Infection or inflammation in gums around a single tooth

How do Root Canals Work?

Animation of inner tooth and supportive structuresWhen damage or decay reaches the innermost layers of teeth, a root canal may be necessary to remove and replace this damaged structure, relieve pain, and restore full tooth function. The process is relatively straightforward. We begin by numbing the area around the tooth to be treated. Then, we drill a small access hole from the top of the tooth to the interior pulp layer. A series of progressively larger dental files are inserted into the access hole to gently remove the pulp, nerve, and other damaged dental tissues. Once the tooth is completely cleaned out, we may recommend antibiotic treatment to completely decontaminate the damaged tooth. If we don’t need to provide antibiotic therapy, we’ll refill the tooth with a biocompatible substance. Next, the tooth is sealed shut with a filling material. In most cases, we’ll also recommend the placement of a dental crown to protect the root canal treated teeth.

Are Root Canals Safe?

Smiling older man talking to dentistMany patients hear horror stories about root canal failure, but this is an extremely rare situation. When done properly, root canals are safe, effective, and completely painless. Actually, in most situations, patients experience significant pain relief following root canal therapy.