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Teeth Whitening

Woman with beautiful bright white smileA trip to the local pharmacy or grocery store is all it takes to find dozens of ways to brighten your smile, but all these over the counter teeth whitening strips, gels, pastes, and mouthwashes make promises that typically can’t be delivered on. The problem with these store bought whiteners is two-fold. The application method does not seal out neutralizing saliva, so even the best whiteners only remain active for a few minutes. Additionally, the dose of active whitening agent is very low to prevent any potential sensitivity or damage caused by teeth whitening products. At Southland Smiles, our cosmetic dentistry team offers both in-office and take-home teeth whitening solutions.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Young man with healthy white smilePatients looking for a dramatically whiter smile quickly and who do not have a history of dental sensitivity, will be good candidates for in-office teeth whitening procedures. This whitening treatment only takes about an hour to ninety minutes. Our team will apply a coat of active teeth whitening agent to the surfaces of teeth. We’ll check the results, typically every fifteen minutes, and compare them to the desired whitening results until we’ve successfully reach the patient’s goal. Most patients see results six to ten shades brighter following in-office teeth whitening.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

Smiling woman on couch with white teethPatients who want to brighten their smiles more gradually and those who have sensitive teeth or gums may want to consider at-home teeth whitening. Professional solutions, unlike store bought at-home teeth whitening, offer predictable results. We use a custom crafted application trays that keeps our professional dose of whitening gel on teeth and keeps neutralizing saliva off. This allows the whitening agent to stay active for thirty minutes or longer. We customize the dosage of whitening agents, length of application, and overall treatment time to ensure patients achieve their whitening goals. Most patients start to see an improvement after just a few applications, and they achieve their desired results after about two weeks of treatment.